No One Will Save You (2023) - HD 1080p

Rating: 6.4
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Brynn is a seamstress still living in her childhood home who mourns the loss of her mother and best friend, Maude. She copes with these losses by constructing a model town in her living room. A past event appears to have turned the entire town against Brynn, so she leads an anxious, solitary and withdrawn life. One night she awakens to discover an intruder in her home and quickly realizes the intruder is a humanoid alien. Brynn attempts to escape but is stalked by the intruder. When the alien uses telekinesis to subdue her, Brynn accidentally stabs it in the head with the broken fragment of her model town's school bell tower, causing it to release Brynn.Brynn discovers all electronic devices were rendered useless after the alien's intrusion. She abandons her car and the alien's body before heading into town. She passes her neighbor's ransacked house and an overturned mail van as she makes her way to the police station. At the station, Brynn unexpectedly encounters Maude's parents, who happen to be the chief of police and his wife. Maude's mother looks at Brynn with contempt, spits in her face, and walks out of the station. Brynn decides to flee, but as she rides a bus leaving town, several passengers attempt to restrain her, all of whom are puppeteered by other aliens, and chase her. She comes across a deserted church and visits Maude's grave, only to spot a group of people who appear to be under the control of small tentacled creatures that slither visibly beneath the skin of their throats. At Brynn's home that evening, a glowing light carries the alien's corpse out of her house and Brynn is forced to fend off two more creatures. After an intermittent fight with a smaller alien, Brynn impales it through a wardrobe with a broken mop handle and slams the wardrobe door on its head.Brynn flees her home but is caught and dragged by an alien-controlled man to a flying saucer's tractor beam. However, just as she is about to be raised into the craft, she kicks the man into the tractor beam and runs away. The third and much larger alien stalks and attacks Brynn, eventually climbing over her house to catch her. She leads it into her station wagon, where its long limbs become trapped in the unfamiliar cabin. One of its feet punctures the gas tank, which Brynn ignites. A flying saucer extinguishes the flames with a ray but the creature is burned to death.After running back into her home, a humanoid alien telekinetically throws her through a wall and she is restrained with a red ray. The alien levitates and regurgitates a tentacled creature, which forcibly enters Brynn's mouth. Brynn immediately falls into an intense hallucination in which her home is undamaged and her best friend, Maude, is still alive, but she breaks free of her hallucination and tears the tentacled creature from her mouth. The alien summons a flying saucer and it levitates the tentacled creature and causes it rapidly to grow a body double of Brynn. The Brynn-double chases the real Brynn into the woods.The Brynn-double catches Brynn and stabs her, but she kills it with a boxcutter and escapes to a deserted road. There she encounters a huge alien before being sucked into a flying saucer. Inside, Brynn is psychically probed by a group of humanoid aliens, forcing her to remember the event that turned her entire town against her. During an argument in a field, Brynn is knocked to the ground by Maude, and she strikes Maude in the head with the stone, killing her. The aliens converse with one another and return Brynn to Earth without a tentacled organism controlling her thoughts and actions.Sometime later, Brynn lives in her undamaged home. Every other resident of her town is now evidently under control of the aliens and yet, in a stark reversal of Brynn's life before the invasion, the townspeople are quite neighborly with her. IMDb